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Application: Lada 2108-2109, IL and other vehicles, including foreign-made cars.

The controller automatically controls headlights LC-7-V09-installed instead of full-timeswitch outdoor lighting for cars VAZ 2109, 2108, etc. Controller LC-7-V09 can also be installed on cars: IL, Niva VAZ 2121, VAZ 2131, "classic" VAZ 2105, 2106, 2107 andso on, Oka. It is possible to install it on some models of cars.
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2299 руб.

Application: any cars, including foreign cars.

The controller of automatic control with the taken out photo cell — is established by light of headlights LC-7-V09U to in parallel regular switch of external illumination on cars according to the electrical equipment scheme. Actually the controller can be established both is opened - for operational administration possibility, and is reserved - while in service adjustment and fine tunings, as a rule, are not required. The photo cell (diameter 3мм on a wire in length of 70 sm) can be established in any suitable place, for example, on a place of not used button.

It is completed with a reciprocal part of a socket and inverter V-07 for simplification of connection in various cars.

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Length of a cable of a photo cell:
2499 руб.
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