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The controler of management of headlights DRL (Daytime Running Lights) DRL-5-L

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New amendments to traffic regulations of Russia, and not only Russia, but also other countries, demand inclusion by the driver of headlights of a daylight (DRL "Daytime Running Lights" or "Day Running Fires" (DRL). The decision, would seem idle time, actually demands acceptance of certain measures: installation of additional headlights - can meet difficulties because of change of a design of the car, inclusion of regular system - is good, if it works only at the working engine, instead of is simple at ignition inclusion, manufacturing of the block of management DRL - not all drivers possess necessary skills and knowledge. That is, for reliable and economic work DRL it is necessary to consider such conditions, whether as the engine works and whether are necessary DRL, for example, at a long stop. As a rule, connection of similar systems is made by the driver, and it is necessary to provide possibility of easy installation, besides, allowing to save not only money, but also time to the driver.

It is especially important, that DRL worked only at the working engine not to admit the accumulator category.

Principle of work of controler DRL-5

The main difference from DRL-4 - more powerful processor which allowed to add the controller new functions.

The controler can work in three modes:

1. A mode "RELAY" - for work with the regular relay of inclusion of headlights.

The given mode allows to use the regular relay of inclusion of headlights БС, or additional, connected in parallel regular.

2. A mode "LED" - for work with light-emitting diode or low-power headlights (fixtures).

The given mode allows to use the given controler for direct management of low-power fixtures with total power consumption to 55Вт (with a working current to 5А). In this mode the controler smoothly includes-switches off fixtures that does inclusion more pleasantly for eyes.

3 . The DRL-EXTERIOR mode - for work with LED or low-power headlights (lamps) as DRL.
This mode is similar on "2. The LED mode", but is added with the EXTERIOR mode, at which DRL at inclusion of regular dimensions or LOW-BEAM headlights (or other chain used for "plus" blocking of DRL on an entrance of INPL) don't die away completely, and подгасают to the value set by the user from 6 to 90% (brightness is set by 15 steps on 6%). At bench hammer inclusion ("minus blocking" on INBK entrance) DRL in this mode smoothly die away.


The controler defines works or not the engine and includes DRL only at the working engine even if ignition is included. Definition of the working engine is made by the digital strip program filter which is reliably working irrespective of tension борт.сети - level of tension can be low at the working engine (heating of back glass works, for example) and high at the unemployed (just muffled the engine).

The controler has a delay of inclusion of headlights of DRL after engine start-up - time for preliminary warming up of the engine is considered.

The controler has a delay of switching off of headlights of DRL after inclusion of dimensions or the emergency brake - gives the chance to switch light and to use the emergency brake without excess blinkings headlights.

The controler is connected to a chain of dimensional light (or of a chain of inclusion of headlights of LOW-BEAM) - at inclusion of dimensions of DRL are switched off or dimming to a preset value that allows to use them as dimensions.

The controler can be connected to a chain of a lamp of control of the emergency brake - at turning on of the DRL emergency brake are switched off.

The controler has a mode of programming of parameters: time of the timer of a delay, operating modes of "RELAY", "LED" and "LED-EXTERIOR", etc.

The controler is realized with use of the processor of Microchip (USA) firm.

The detailed instruction is attached to the controler.

Controler programming:

In the controler 4 parameters are programmed:
- delay time before DRL inclusion after engine start-up (1-30 sec.),
- delay time before DRL shutdown at inclusion of dimensions or the emergency brake (1-2sek),
- operating modes: "RELAY" - for work with the regular relay of inclusion of headlights, "LED" - for a direct control of low-power headlights as DRL , "LED-EXTERIOR" - for a direct control of low-power headlights which can be used as DRL and as marker lights.
- brightness (power) of DRL in the LED-EXTERIOR mode - dimming DRL (when giving + 12B of "plus blocking" on INPL entrance) to the value set by the user from 6 to 90% (brightness is set by 15 steps on 6%).

Programming is carried out by means of the button located on a payment of the controler.

The producer reserves the right to make the changes improving parameters of the device.

Warranty period for a product - 12 months.


Concerning purchase of devices (in any quantity) call:


+7(495) 675-62-96,

+7(965) 259-46-22 (Biline).


Delivery in any regions of Russia and in foreign countries is possible.



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