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Electronic relay-inverter V-07

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Weight: 8 g

How to connect, for example, the controller of automatic control of light of headlights LC-7, an engaging passing beam giving on a relay coil "+12V" how it is accepted in большей parts of cars of the European manufacturers, in car Toyota, Hyunday Accent or Great Wall where passing beam relays are engaged by connection to "weight"? The additional relay? But it has the big dimensions and to it the easy approach because of low reliability of electromagnetic relays should be provided! As it would be good, if instead of the slow and unreliable electromechanical relay there was a fast and reliable electronic relay-inverter!
And to make so that at removal of the car from protection in interior smoothly light and your machine affably was engaged met you the shined interior? Certainly - by means of relay-inverter V-07!

Offered electronic relay-inverter V-07, further - is simple "relay", has very small sizes (22 х8 х 4mm) and thus

- Allows to switch loading, capacity to 6Вт or a current to 0,7А
- Has very high entrance resistance - at all does not load a chain to which it is connected by a input,
- Has built in демпферный the diode for protection against currents of a self-induction,
- Has the built in self-restored safety lock for an overload protection and from short circuit (SC),
- A pulse current of the relay - to 50А (it is limited by the built in protection to 2А).


The basic characteristics of block V-07:
Pressure working, V 8-20
Working current, A 0,7
Pulse current (max), A 50
Protection against overloads in external chains is
Working temperature-50... +100С
The sizes, length - width - a thickness 22 х 8 х 4 mm
Weight, g 3

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