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The relay-time clock of restriction of an operating time of heating of a rear screen (mirrors) LTR-4-L (+для Hyundai CRETA)

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Whether in the winter, whether during a rain - happens the heating of back glass and mirrors is very necessary. But, having included it, we forget to switch off and heating works continuously during all trip. It would be logical, that heaters were disconnected through certain time, for example, in 10-20 minutes. For this time the snow-ice has time to thaw and water - to dry up, and further necessity for a heater disappears. 


It is not less important, that heaters worked only at the working engine to not admit the category of the accumulator. 






Controller LTR-4 is connected to conclusions of the regular switch of a heater of back glass or/and mirrors. Connection is carried out by four wires (see the scheme). Controllers can be delivered both with plugs on the ends of wires, and without them. At presence of plugs installation of controller LTR-4 in the car borrows 5-10 minutes - installation is made by a principle of an adapter.


Connection in other cars is made by analogy to the resulted schemes.




Principle of work of controller LTR-4


The controller can work with a fixed key (button) or with not fixed.


1. The button not fixed.


At short (till 1 second) pressing of a key the controller works in a mode of the trigger. I.e. first time - joins and started the timer on the switching-off, the second short inclusion - loading is disconnected


At long (2-3 sec) pressing of a key the controller includes/switches off repeated automatic inclusion of a heater at start-up of the engine. 




2. The button fixed.


By pressing (inclusion) of a key the controller includes heating for set time. For repeated inclusion it is necessary to switch off and again to include heating. If to leave a key included the mode of automatic repeated inclusion of heating starts to operate at start-up of the engine. It is possible to switch off heating before the expiration of work of the timer swirching off  (deenergizing) of a key.


The controller has a mode of programming of parameters: time of the timer, a delay of inclusion at start-up of the engine, the task of threshold temperature - for inclusion of heating in an automatic mode at start-up of the engine.


The controller defines works or not the engine and includes heating only at the working engine even if ignition is included. At a strong voltage reduction in борт.сети the controller disconnects working heating even at the working engine, stopping readout of the timer, and again includes it at restoration of a pressure.


The controller corrects an operating time of a heater depending on external temperature: at low temperature time of its work automatically increases.




Definition of temperature by the controller and automatic repeated mode inclusion of a heater allows to not care of work of a heater of back glass: it will join and be disconnected then on so much, how much it is necessary. The threshold temperature below which having warmed will join at start-up of the engine, can be set from preestablished from-20С up to 30С, and also - is set " current as threshold ". 



Delay of inclusion of heating: 10-60 sec.


The timer of inclusion of heating: from 1 till 60 minutes. Correction at a frost - till 25 minutes. 


The controller is realized with use of the processor of firm Microchip (USA).


The detailed instruction is applied on the controller.




Programming of the relay


In the controller 4 parameters are programmed:


- An operating time of the timer,


- Time of a delay before inclusion of heating,


- A mode of the button: fixed-not fixed,


- Threshold temperature.


Programming is carried out by means of the button located on a payment of the controller.




The basic characteristics of controller LTR-4 


Pressure working.............. 8-20


Consumed current in the switched off condition (move), мА.............. 0


Consumed current in the included condition (move), мА............... 8


Switched current (max)..................................................... 4


The control of a voltage.......................................................... Is


Time of a delay of deenergizing, minutes................................... 1...60


Inclusion under the set program: single, periodic, on temperature, on time, on start-up of the engine, the mixed mode of inclusion.............................. Is


The button of programming of modes and parameters................ Is


Overall dimensions of the controller (without wires), BхLхH, mm.... 15 х 27 х 4




The manufacturer reserves the right to itself to make the changes improving parameters of the device.


Warranty period for a product - 12 months.




Concerning purchase of devices (in any quantity) call: 


 7(495) 675-62-96, 

8-965-259-46-22 (Beeline), 


8-916-146-68-30 (MTS),


 7(965) 259-46-22 (Beeline).


Delivery in any regions of Russia and in foreign countries is possible.


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