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The relay-time clock of restriction of an operating time of heating of a rear screen (mirrors) LTR-4-V

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In the winter there, the rain is - it is very necessary rear glass and mirrors. But by including it, we forget to turn off the heating and runs continuously throughout the journey.It would be logical, so heaters are switched off after a certain time, for example, 10-20 minutes. During this time, the snow-ice time to thaw and the water - to dry up, and then there is no need for a heater. 

It is equally important that the heater operates only when the engine is running to prevent battery discharge. 


Controller LTR-4 is connected to the findings of regular switch heater rear window and / or mirrors. Connection is made with four wires (see diagram). Controllers can be supplied with terminals at the ends of the wires, and without them. In the presence of terminal installation controller LTR-4 in the car takes about 5-10 minutes - the installation is done on the basis of the adapter. 

Connecting to other cars made by analogy with the diagram. 

The principle of operation of the controller LTR-4

The controller can work with a lockable key (button), or uncommittable. 

1. Button uncommittable. 

With short (up to 1 second) pressing the controller operates on a trigger. ie the first time - on and starts a timer for disabling the second short switching on - off load 

With a long (2-3 seconds) you press the controller turns on / off switch re-heater for starting the engine. 

2. Button is latched. 

When you press (including) the key controller includes heating at a given time. To turn the switch off and back on heating. If you leave the key turned on, it begins to operate the automatic reclosing of heating during engine start. You can turn off the heating before the expiration of a timer enough (off) key. 

The controller has a programming mode parameters: timer, turn-on delay when starting the engine, setting the threshold temperature - to include heating in an automatic mode when starting the engine. 

The controller determines the engine is running or not and includes heating only when the engine is running even when the ignition is turned on. If a strong reduction of tension in bort.seti controller disables the heating works, even when the engine is, suspending the countdown timer, and once again turns it on voltage recovery. 

The controller adjusts the time of the heater, depending on the ambient temperature: at low temperature while it is running automatically increases. 

Determination of the temperature controller, and automatic re-integration mode heater can not take care of the heater rear window: it will be switched on and off precisely when and for as long as necessary. Threshold temperature below which heating will be activated when the engine is started, can be given of the pre-from-20C to +30 C, and also - given the "current as the threshold." 

Delay on heat: 10-60 seconds. 

Heating timer: 1 to 60 minutes. Correction for cold - up to 25 minutes. 

The controller is implemented using a processor company Microchip (USA). 

To the controller attached detailed instructions. 

Programming the Relay 

The controller is programmed by 4 parameters: 

- The timer, 

- Delay time before turning on the heating 

- Mode button: latched-uncommittable, 

- Threshold temperature. 

Programming is done using the button on the controller board. 

The main characteristics of the controller LTR-4 

Operating voltage, V. .............. 8-20 

Current consumption off (max), mA .............. 0 

Supply current when power is on (max), mA ............... 8 

Switching Current (max), A. .......................................... ........... 4

Control voltage ................................................ .......... yes

Time off delay, min ................................... 1 ... 60 

The inclusion of a given program: a one-time, periodic, temperature, time, to start the engine, mixed mode enable ............................ .. there is a 

Button programming modes and parameters is ................ 

Dimensions controller (without wires) WxDxH, mm .... 15 x 27 x 4 

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes that improve the device parameters. 

The warranty period for the product - 12 months. 

On the issue of buying devices (in any amount), call: 

+7 (495) 675-62-96, 
+7 (965) 259-46-22 (Beeline). 

Delivery in all regions of Russia and foreign countries. 

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