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The adapter for AVU VCH to "MASTER-AVU АА28"

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1699 руб.
Product code (SKU):  00903
In stock: yes
Weight: 150 g

The adapter is intended for connection of domestic and import telephone sets to the block Avu VCH, and also for the coordination of levels of pressure and a current for their steady work with the block Avu.

The basic characteristics
The adapter forms standard pressure for a telephone set on a two-wire line:

Dc voltage at the put tube =60V (±5V);
Ac voltage индукторного a call ~70. 120V:
Current in a line during conversation 30. 35mА.
Installation without the soldering.
The device does not consume a current from the block Ava in a mode of expectation and does not break modes of entering and proceeding communication.
The improved characteristics of a sound transmission (only for АА28).

Estimations of the given adapter

After connection of the given adapter ALL problems connected with use Avu ВЧ act in film: a poor audibility, absence of a call, failures in work of devices, a low speed (or impossibility of work) the modem and a fax. All it remains in the past;
As the adapter very easily is established and acts in film - there are no problems in dialogue with workers of automatic telephone exchange. You simply will forget that at you Avu VCH! The adapter is checked up on many automatic telephone exchanges in Moscow, Moscow suburbs, St.-Petersburg, N.Novgorode, Samara, Tambov, Vladivostok and in many other cities and has shown very high reliability!
The given adapter practically has no "minuses" - it is ideal for any connected telephone technics.
Warranty period for a product 3 years.

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